Monday, January 31, 2011

Featured Blogger...Kari from A Good Addiction

This week our featured blogger will end January 2011 with us and take us into February : )

This week we shall welcome Kari from A Good Addiction. So now lets learn a little bit about a fellow reader!!!

1. Why don't you tell us about yourself???

I’m 25 and work for a radiologist group in Dallas, but am also an aspiring writer. I wrote three manuscripts in 2010, the first of which I am doing the final revisions on to query, and working on tightening up the other two to send out to my beta readers. Other than that, I have a dog who I feature weekly in my IMM post and he’s a pain, but I love him… and that’s about it.
2. Tell us about your blog. When did you start it and why? Anything interesting for readers to expect or special features?
I started in September 2009 when a friend insisted I do it. We talked books constantly, and she had a blog, so I figured ehh why not. Like I said above, my awesome beagle/basset mix is featured in my IMM weekly, and I get a lot of comments of people coming just to look at him. I can't really blame them. He’s adorable. Monday’s I do my From the Boy Closet post, which is basically me gushing about a different hot boy from YA every week. Thursday’s I do my Ladies and Their Tramps feature, which is a couples mishmash, creating new couples I think would be awesome using a boy and a girl from two different books.
3. What type of books do you read? 

Basically all YA, and mostly contemp at that. I just love contemp. It’s what I write as well. It’s so intense and emotional, and there is such an incredible range within it. From happy to sad to tear your heart out, there is honestly something for everything, and I don’t find the overlap within it that I do with paranormal/fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I love those too, but I can't read them a lot at a time. With that kind of genre, there is expected overlap, and I have nothing against it, I just need a break from it. I also love dystopian… especially the ones that really make me think.
4. If you were stuck on an island and can only have 3 of your favorite books, what would they be and why?
Is it cheating if I say Vampire Academy, as in the series? No way I could pick just one of those, though it would be book 4 or 5 if I had to. I also completely adore Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala, and I think it’s one that would continually make me think with every reread. And for the times when I want good romance (though I guess if I’m stuck alone on an island I might not really want to see other’s happiness), I’d take Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.
5. If you had to leave our world, but can live in any book, which one would it be? And why?

Hmm…. This is a hard one, but I think I would go with Paranormalcy. Not only would meeting Evie and Lend be awesome, but just the entire world is so well done, so intricate, and so original. Plus, I’d totally take my taser to the hags. 
6. I find that many readers develop crushes while they read books. Do you have a crush on any book characters???

Adrian from Vampire Academy is without a doubt my favorite YA boy. He’s sweet and sexy, and the sardonic playboy does me in. Running a very close second is Will from Angelfire. I’d want to fight reapers just to watch him fight with his six foot sword, and hope the poor boy doesn’t get impaled…
7. Lots of YA books are being adapted into movies. Do you watch them and if you do, what’s your favorite adaptation? And which ones are you looking forward to watch?

I will watch them, just because it is interesting to see how someone else took what I read and how they saw it, and turned it into something visual. I really enjoyed how the Harry Potter films have been done and though I did dislike how they’ve handled a few things, overall, considering the actual content of those books and the size and scope of them, those movies really do tell the story. Definitely cannot wait for the last one of those, and it’s probably the one I am most waiting for. Although a screenwriter is about to start work on Firelight by Sophie Jordan, and that’s another one that I think would make a fantastic movie, so hopefully that one does come to fruition.
8. I love music.  So I was wondering what you listen to since I’m always looking for new songs, what songs and/or artists are on you listening to right now on your ipod or CD player?

I’m a big fan of country music, and on a Matt Stillwell kick right now. Tim McGraw and Reba are my favorite singers, ever, though, so I do listen to both of them a lot. And yes, I own all of Tim’s CDs and almost all of Reba’s. On the rock/alternative side, I listen to a lot of Sick Puppies, Breaking Benjamin, Trust Company, and… plenty more.

9. Any last thoughts to share with us???
 Thanks for having me, and check out my blog. From cute dogs to hot boys, I have a range. I also corun The {Teen} Book Scene, a site dedicated to setting up promotional blog tours for YA authors, so I have been able to work with and talk to a lot of awesome authors through that which is such a reward.
10. Oh, and before I forget, when you go to a Starbucks or Coffee Bean (or any coffee/tea serving place)…what do you order???
Iced caramel macchiato.
Great answers Kari!!! I'll let you take a series onto the island because it'll be too much of tease if you can only bring part of the series ; ) And I definitely like your choice of Perfect Chemistry (I heart this book). I enjoy learning so much about fellow bloggers and I hope you all did too. Thanks again Kari!!! Now everyone...go hop over to her blog and check it out : )

***Now go and grab your fave cup of tea or because Kari is our guest, grab her preference of an iced caramel macchiato (or whatever beverage your prefer) and HAPPY readings***

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