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Review: Fire

Fire  (The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, #2)
Title: Fire
Author: Kristin Cashore
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-575--08512-1/Orion Books
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult
Okay Graceling should know (just in case you don't know right now) that this is the prequel-ish novel to Graceling. Oh, and know that it does not involve Katsa or Po because the novel Fire is a story that takes place long before Katsa's birth and in a nearby kingdom that doesn't have Gracelings, but rather monsters.

Monsters in the Dells are similar to regular animals, but they have gorgeous coloration to them. And Fire, the main character, is the last human monster and the reason she is named Fire is because of the color of her hair. Fire is a beautiful young lady and is too beautiful to the point that she has to hide from other monster creatures and even humans because they will attack and harm her.

Fire doesn't just have her beauty, but she can also read minds along with controlling them. She lives in her father's home (and he is also a monster, but used his powers in a bad way) near her dear friend Archer's home. Fire is scared that her powers will be used just like her father used his and also tries to leave his shadow (even after his death).

Her powers are needed though when control over the kingdom is in danger. Fire, Archer, Prince Brigan, and the other royal family members need to fight for the kingdom. But how does Fire handle the usage of her power?

I wish I could say that I loved this book just like I loved Graceling, but I thought this book was a bit slow in the beginning. Things didn't pick up for me until the middle of the book when I started to get interested with the romantic relationships and their complications. I wanted to know more about Prince Brigan (and I was so rooting for him), but also felt sorry for the player, Archer.

Fire seemed a bit annoying at first because it seemed as if her beauty was something incredibly horrible. However, once I understood her character more, I also understood why her beauty could be something to see as negative. Once I got over this fact, I learned to enjoy her character and see past her beauty and more into her personality. Also, when I thought about the choices Fire had to make and leaving the shadow of a parent, I tended to enjoy the novel more.

I do recommend this book, but you'll need to know that this is meant more for the mature young adults because of the romantic relationships in this book.

Favorite lines...
Are you determined to leave me in this world to live without my heart? Archer, page 80
There's a great passage on page 161 about choices. You'll have to read it yourself because it's too much to type out. (go read the book!)

My rating
(This book was bought from a store called FullyBooked).

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