Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Let it Snow

Title: Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances

Authors: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-14-241499-6/Speak (part of Penguin)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

Three stories by three authors in one book and it all takes place during a Christmas snowstorm in a small town in North Carolina. Three teens each tell their own story.

The first story belongs to Maureen Johnson and her character Jubilee (I love the name of this character). Jubilee has to leave home because her parents are in jail. Now, she is stranded in the small unfamiliar town and ends up meeting a boy that makes her reconsider the relationship with her too-busy-during-Christmas boyfriend.

John Green's A Cheertastic Christmas is an incredibly funny story about three friends (two boys and a girl) and their journey to get to their other buddy and a Waffle House filled with cheerleaders. They're on a race to beat other people (the people at the Waffle House are only letting in one group of friends). So JP, Duke, and Tobin journey through the small town while trying to overcome all the icy grounds, snow, and these mean twins (who are trying to get to the Waffle House before them). And then there's the whole chemistry between Tobin and the Duke...does anything happen between them???

Lastly, we get Lauren Myracle's The Patron Saint of Pigs. Addie is a Starbucks employee, self-centered, and trying to figure out if her boyfriend is her boyfriend or an ex-bf. Addie's story is fun like the other two and it does a good job of bringing in the other characters from the two previous stories in.

This book weaves together so well that it's hard to believe that three authors wrote it. But they did and each one does an amazing job with their main characters and even bringing in the other characters from the other stories into their own.

I primarily bought this book because I'm a huge fan of John Green. But now I'm a huge fan of the other two authors. I'm also following Maureen Johnson on Twitter and she is just as funny on her twitter. Now it's time to read more books by ALL three authors : )

Favorite Parts...
Again, I have marked WAAAAYYY too many parts in the book. So go out and get this book. And I'll forgive you if you wait until the next Christmas season to read this : )

My Rating:

(I bought this from a store called FullyBooked)

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