Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: Audrey, Wait!

Title: Audrey, Wait!
Author: Robin Benway
ISBN/Publisher: 978-1-59514-192-7/Razor Bill (Part of Penguin)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

Do you want to read a book about great music and the paparazzi? Then you'll definitely want to read about Audrey in Audrey, Wait!

Audrey's a high school girl who loves loud music and In-N-Out. She also has a boyfriend, Evan who happens to be in this band. But Audrey breaks up with him and doesn't know at the time that the breakup will lead to an ever so popular song about her. It's called "Audrey, Wait" and it climbs the music charts to the point where it's not just locally popular, but popular EVERYWHERE.

Now, our girl Audrey is this instant celebrity. Everyone wants to know her...journalists are calling the house, kids at her high school are selling pictures of her, and kids from other schools are sneaking onto her H.S. campus to get a better look at her. All these pictures are popping up on TV and in magazines and poor Audrey doesn't even realize that they've been taken until she sees them in the media.

How does Audrey deal with this new, crazy life? And can she get back to being a regular high school girl?

Oh my goodness...Robin Benway does an amazing job writing about such a fun girl and pop culture. The book was so easy and fun to read...I COULD NOT put it down. I also loved how Benway started each chapter with a line from a great song. At the start of almost every chapter, I was like, "Oh, such an amazing song." I added a few more songs to my ipod because of this book.

Audrey, Wait! was like reality television in a book, but at the same time it kind of reminded me of my high school years in Southern California (minus the celebrity treatment and paparazzi). Just like Audrey, I love my In-N-Out and it's grilled cheese and chocolate shake (page 12). And also like her, I found myself stuck in the middle of the pit during a Warped Tour concert (page 289). Audry is in interesting person with such great friends (Jonah and Victoria) and understanding parents. These relationships and her love for music make this story real to the real person. The celebrity aspect of the book makes it interesting and pop culture related.

I definitely recommend this book if you want a fun read. It's a book meant for high school students and older because it does drop the F-bomb quite a bit and other swear words. If you enjoy bands like New Found Glory, Fall Out Boys, The Sounds, and other great similar might enjoy this too.

My Rating:

(This book was bought at a store called FullyBooked)

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  1. I have read this book and it was totally cute and fun! I just love the cover.
    Have you seen the dutch cover of it, it's freaking awesome. :)

  2. Sounds pretty amazing! I love pop culture references! What songs are mentioned?

  3. I have had this on my tbr list for so long. I don't know why I haven't read it yet. Definitely needs to be bumped up for when I need something fun.