Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Author Spotlight: Eva Ibbotson

It's March and I'm featuring Eva Ibbotson this month!!! Last year, I read a couple of her books and I reaalllly enjoyed them. So, now here is the month to read a few more of them and hopefully you guys will want to pick them up, too : )

Here's a little about Eva Ibbotson...

Mrs. Ibbotson was actually born with the name Maria Charlotte Michelle Wiesner in 1925 in Vienna, Austria. Her family moved to England when Hitler came into power. She attended Bedford College and Cambridge University to become a physiologist. But she was turned off by all the testing done on animals. So she got married and raised a family. She decided to go back to school to receive her diploma in education from the University of Durham in 1965. While raising her family, she started to write books for adults and children.

She currently lives in England.

Here are the young adult books...
A Countess Below Stairs (1981) (a.k.a.The Secret Countess) (2007)
The Reluctant Heiress (2009) (a.k.a. Magic Flutes) (1982)
A Company of Swans (1985)
Madensky Square (1988)
A Glove Shop in Vienna and other Stories (1992)
The Morning Gift (1993)
A Song for Summer (1997)

Here are the children books...
The Great Ghost Rescue (1975)
Which Witch (1979)
The Worm & the Toffee Nosed Princess (1983)
The Haunting of Hiram C. Hopgood (1987) (a.k.a The Haunting of Granite Falls 2004)
Not Just a Witch (1989)
The Secret of Platform 13 (1994)
Dial-a-Ghost (1996)
Monster Mission (1999) (a.k.a. Monster Mission 2000)
Journey to the River Sea (2001)
The Star of Kazan (2004)
The Beasts of Clawstone Castle (2005)
The Haunting of Hiram (2008)
The Dragonfly Pool (2008)

Books adapted into movies...
The Great Ghost Rescue is expected to be released in 2011.
Island of the Aunts is currently being adapted for a feature film.
The Haunting of Hiram C. Hopgood is being adapted as well.

The information on here was found on Goodreads and the back of her books.

***Now go and grab your fave cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer) and HAPPY readings**

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  1. Hi - Regarding The Great Ghost Rescue, the school boy actor who plays Humphrey is tweeting his progress, thoughts and experiences right through to the films screening - You can follow Toby on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/toby_hall