Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time for an Award...

Prolific Blogger Award
(Thanks to Whitney at She Is Too Fond of Books)

Here is what a prolific blogger who is intellectually productive, keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content.
***(something that I have been lacking on lately, sorry, but I'm going to get my but back into blogging shape).***

After accepting this award recipients are asked to pay it forward to seven other deserving blogs.

1. The Story Siren
2. Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
3. Book Rat
4. Cornucopia of Reviews
5. Good Books and Good Wine
6. The Bookologist
7. Shut Up! I'm Reading

Be sure to check out all these blogs if you don't already follow them!!!

***Now go and grab your fave cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer) and HAPPY readings***


  1. Aww, thanks so much for the award! You're the best! :)

  2. thanks so much for the award! you are well deserving of it!

  3. Thanks so much! And I'm in great company!
    (and I know what you mean on the keeping up thing. When spring comes, I go through a little "ah, f*** it" phase where I can't stand to do anything I should...

  4. Wow, thanks so much! Now that summer is finally here for me I can actually keep up with my posting. Congrats on your award, too :)

  5. You are so welcome! You each deserve this!!!