Friday, May 21, 2010

Totally struggling...

Hello everyone,

I've been really bad this month with my blogging. It's one of those months, but I think I'll have more time soon to keep up with my weekly features and then get my butt back in track with my author spotlights. I thought I posted my Deb Caletti post, but apparently it's lost. So I'll push her month to June and hopefully I'll have a mini Q&A to add to it.

crossing my fingers that I can spend more time on my blog...*sigh*

HAPPY readings!!!


  1. Hey, it happens. We've been a bit overwhelmed lately too. Just push through it. You'll eventually make it out of the slump and we'll be waiting!

  2. Awww thanks Alyssa...that is way motivating. Thanks for the push. I'm organizing my books right now (since the maid messed all my piles up...I think that's what is really throwing me off)...eeek :(