Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Delirium

Title: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
ISBN/Publisher: 9780061726828/Harper Teen (part of Harper Collins)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

Lena, the main character is getting ready to turn eighteen. In our society, turning eighteen means becoming an adult, having the ability to vote, and for most of us, it’s preparation for college. In Lena’s world, turning eighteen means being cured from amor deliria nervosa.

Now, what the heck is amor deliria nervosa? It’s a disease in Lena’s world and basically it’s the feeling of falling in love and/or being in love. So turning eighteen is a big deal for her because she doesn’t have to deal with the sweaty palms, the nervous feelings, all the other side effects of love, and also the fear that she’ll end up like her mom.

Lena’s best friend Hana is not looking forward to turning eighteen. Hana wonder’s about happiness and if love gives a person the happiness they should want. She starts to question her society and even listens to music and the propaganda that is not allowed in Portland. (BTW, everything is controlled in this society. The place they get their music/movies online is called LAMM…Library of Authorized Music and Movies. And their library is called LAB…Library of Approved Books. Now where are all the authors and musicians fighting for all the banned books in this society? Lena and her friends are surly missing out on some great books.) Hana starts to go to parties that are not allowed and tries ever so hard to see if rule following Lena will join her. Will Lena be willing to get caught at these places past the nine o’clock curfew?

But the worst part or maybe it’s the best part that happens to Lena is when she meets a “cured” boy, Alex. Alex makes Lena feel all funny, a feeling she wants to fight. No she has to fight because love or the feelings of love is so not allowed. But does she fight with amor deliria nervosa? Will she be cured or does she follow her heart for happiness?

Oh my goodness…I wanted to read Delirium the second I found out that Lauren Oliver wrote another book. You see, I am a huge fan of her debut book, Before I Fall and now, I’m a HUGE fan of Ms. Oliver.

Oliver’s tone in the story is touching and heartfelt. She gives the narrator, Lena, such a strong voice that the reader can’t help but feel for her. The story makes the reader think about a world where love is not allowed. But it also reminds readers that have fallen in love what those first feelings are like. Seriously, I felt like I was experiencing what Lena was when she discovered love. Then there’s the battle of whether or not she should follow her heart or follow what she has been taught and told about it.

Throughout the whole novel, Lauren Oliver’s writing had my emotions on a serious rollercoaster because I cared so much for the characters. I loved and cared for Lena and Alex. I cared for and felt sympathetic for Hana. I felt sorry for other characters and protective of certain characters also. I found myself screaming at my laptop when I got upset, gasping in horror or surprise, and smiling when I felt giddy for the characters.

Not only was the writing great, but there were many quotations that I fell in love with. I’ll be honest with you, I was upset after I read the book and even stormed out of my bedroom because I didn’t want to be near my laptop. However, a few hours later (away from my room, but at the same time thinking of the novel), I realized I was okay with it. I came to the conclusion that it was a sweet story and I absolutely loved the last paragraph. I would say it was a bittersweet ending for me and it’s a book I will be buying when it is finally released.

Favorite lines...
There are way too many to put on here, but you'll enjoy them too. There are so many within the chapters, but also the ones that begin each chapter are great. And don't forget that I absolutely loved the last paragraph of the whole novel.

Go and get the book...when it comes out February 2011!!!

(the book was downloaded through NetGalley for review)

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