Saturday, October 31, 2009

Review: The Sweet Far Thing

Title: The Sweet Far Thing
Author: Libba Bray
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-440-23777-8/Delacorte Press (Part of Random House)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

***WARNING...This may contain spoilers because it is part of a series (and it is kind of hard to discuss this book without referring to the previous novels in the series)***

The Sweet Far Thing
starts off where Rebel Angels ended with Gemma Doyle binding all the magic to herself. As TSFT goes on, Gemma is terrified that she has lost the ability of the magic and can no longer go back to the Realms. However, Gemma and her two friends, Ann and Felicity, find a door in the East Wing that enters into the Realms.

It seems that everyone wants a part of the magic that she holds, but Gemma is still learning how to control it. She has no idea who to trust and turns to a mute girl in her visions for help.

Who will be there to help Gemma???

Okay, let me be honest...this book was just a tad bit too long for me and I already struggled with the series. The first half was too slow because we had to see Gemma struggle with her powers and her inability to make decisions. She had no idea who to trust and continued to doubt herself even though she holds the power.

I know she has two best friends at the school, but I got really annoyed with Ann and Felicity. But, I did start to enjoy the novel more towards the end because this is where Gemma starts to deal with her problems in the Realms. I wasn't too happy with the ending, but I guess you'll need to read it and find out why.

Favorite lines from the book...

Peace is not happenstance. It is a living fire that must be fed constantly. It must be tended with vigilance, else it dies out. Gorgon page 301

But change needn't happen all at once. It can be small gestures. Moments. Kartik page 465

He said to tell you to remember your heart in all things, that it is where your honor and your destiny will be found. Gemma page 467

My Rating

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  1. The descirption fo the book sounds good, but too bad that you had to waite near the end to be enjoyed. :) I still want to read this serie. I like the cover.