Monday, October 26, 2009

Review: The Truth About Forever

Title: The Truth About Forever
Author: Sarah Dessen
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-14-240625-0/Speak (part of Penguin)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

Macy was a runner, but after watching her dad die things changed. Macy needed order and control in her she got the perfect, smart boyfriend and started to get good grades, a library job, lived to a strict schedule which even had time in it to iron her clothes.

Then, her life changed again when she gets a job at Wish Catering, ran by pregnant Delia. The staff includes Delia's nephews, Wes and Bert, outgoing Kristy, and quiet Monica. Macy starts to hang out with the staff and learns how to let go and have a little fun...something that she definitely did not plan. Wes and Macy end up becoming good friends through a game called Truth. Macy shares so much info with Wes (realizing she never shares this info with her current BF or even her mom).

Will Macy go back to her old ways or will she finally learn that its okay to have a little fun even after you lose someone???

Out of all five Dessen books that I have read this month, The Truth About Forever is my absolute favorite. All the characters are written and captured so well in this story. I noticed that the dialogue was so everyday conversation, which makes it more believable.

I think the best books are the books that I can really relate to. And I knew from the very beginning this one had a part of me in it. I know what it is like to lose a dad and not know how to mourn. Just like Macy, you want to be strong for your mom and not let her know your pain, but it just makes life more complicated. This novel really depicts the pain a teenage girl feels and goes through after the loss of a parent. I truly wish I had this book when I was in high school (even though it was published the year I graduated).

I totally recommend this book to everyone!!! This one really got me in the heart and I will be reading this one again and again!

Favorite parts...
For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You can never know for sure, so you'd better make every second count. Kristy page 136

Listen. The truth is, nothing is guaranteed. You know that more than anybody. So don't be afraid. Be ALIVE. Kristy page 136

You never got used to it, the idea of someone being gone. Just when you think it's reconciled, accepted, someone points it out to you and it just hits you all over again, that shocking. Macy page 140

My Rating

Now go and grab your cup of tea or hazelnut coffee (or whatever beverage you prefer) along with a Sarah Dessen book and HAPPY readings!!!


  1. This was the first Sarah Dessen book I picked up and I loved it! :)

  2. Like Amber, this is the first book I picked up by this author. OK, it was the only book I picked up by this author. I really enjoyed this book; I'd like to pick up more from Sarah Dessen.

  3. Also my first Sarah Dessen book, lol! I love pretty much all her books, with the exception of lock and key, and I'm glad you liked it too! :)

  4. The covers for her books are pretty!!! Just one more reason to get them...hehehehehe

  5. First Sarah Dessen book for me, too! And yeah, I *did* originally pick it up because the cover grabbed my attention. But hey, amazing books deserve pretty covers ;)

  6. are so right. Great books should all have pretty covers!!!