Sunday, July 26, 2009

a little about golf

Dear Slow Golfers,

If you are slow and new to the game or just plain suck, please...PLEASE be considerate enough to allow the people (my mom and me) to go ahead of you. When me, a girl is driving the ball 215 yards and you are standing 20 yards in front of where my ball lands (and you're ONLY on your 4th shot) have the consideration to pick up or step aside. Golf is already a slow sport...don't slow it up for the quick players!!!

and p.s. Don't take 10 minutes to set up a putt that your caddy already set up and then miss it by a long shot.


(and sorry to all those that are reading this...I def. needed to vent about my golf day...good news I still did awesome out there)

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