Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: Inkspell

Title: Inkspell
Author: Cornelia Funke
Age Group: 8-12
My Rating: 3/5

Inkspell is the second book in the Inkheart trilogy. This story continues a year after book one ends. Meggie lives with both her parents in Elinor's home. Not a day goes by that she does not think about the book that changed her life.

This story is based more around Dustfinger and who his character really is and why he longs for his own world. And naturally he does get to go back to his life, but he leaves behind his student, Farid. But Farid finds a way to go into Dustfinger's world and asks Meggie for help. She helps him only because she wants to live in the fantasy world and sadly chooses this over her parents.

And similar to Inkheart, this story is the adventure of the characters trying to find their family members. Farid and Dustfinger, Dustfinger and his wife, Mo and Meggie. Will they find each other in a story that is being changed everyday by different magical authors?

Okay, I know I was not excited to continue this story. But I had to for a challenge. And to be wasn't that bad. Probably because the second time around I had ZERO expectations for this book.

I liked that this story wasn't so much about Meggie and the evil Capricorn and his men. I loved that it evolved more around the mysterious Dustfinger and Farid. Even though Dustfinger wasn't the main main character in the first novel, I enjoyed him the most. And I learned that he was yearning and hurting for his own family.

This book was definitely better than the first, but not a big wower. So, give this book to a kid if you're an adult and just wait for the movie version to come out because the book was okay, but not worth my time to recommend to others.

Some quotes I enjoyed...

"Children, they're the same everywhere. Greedy little creatures but the best listeners in the world---any world. The very best of all." Fenoglio, page 134

"You know, I think that a book always keeps something of its owners between the pages." Taddeo, page 550

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