Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: Love is a Many Trousered Thing

Title: Love is a Many Trousered Thing
Author: Louise Rennison
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-06-085389-1/Harper Teen (Part of HarperCollins)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

***Warning...this contains spoilers because it is part of a series (it's hard to talk about this book without talking about the previous ones)***

Georgia is back and her lurvvve problems are still at large. Masimo confesses his love for her, but guess who's back in town? Yep...her first love, the Sex God. And she's not sure what she wants to do or who she wants. She wants to talk to Dave the Laugh, but she still feels weird around him so that's out of the question.

The Nicolson family is still crazy and annoying her. She doesn't want to ask them for help, but sometimes her mutti just might have some advice. Oh and did I mention that the Ace gang and the rest of their class take an interesting camping trip. Time to see how Georgia reacts out with nature.

Who will Georgia's BF be???

This book was fun and filled with hilariosity as usual and...the cover looks extremely yummy. Anyone want some dessert???

The Georgia Nicolson series never fails to me laugh...out loud may I add. This girl is crazy, dramatic, and very boy-crazy, but tons of fun. This series is quite long, but totally easy to read and worth it when you need a break from other books.

So pick up this fun series...I can't wait to read book nine!!!

One fave scene...
Georgia's thoughts on Cinderella...

Cinderella lives with her ugly stepsisters. They hate her because she is pretty, although I can't say I blame the uglies. Looking at the drawing of Cinders, I would be inclined to give her a bit of a duffing-up. She has a very irritating sticky-up nose. Page 70

My Rating

Now go and grab your cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer) and HAPPY readings!!!


  1. I never read any books in this serie, but i read many reviews about them and they do make me curious. But one problem I think I cannot find them all in the bookstores. They do look great and sound like fun. :)

    Thank you for your lovley review.

  2. Haha, I finished this a few weeks ago! Gotta love Georgia Nicolson ;)
    I can't wait to read the final one :o

  3. Nina...you should def. read them (they're freaking hilarious)

    Justine...I'm excited for the last one!!!