Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Review: The Queen of Everything

Title: The Queen of Everything
Author: Deb Caletti
ISBN/Publisher: 978-1-4169-5781-2/Simon Pulse (Part of Simon & Schuster)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

Jordan MacKenzie lives with her normally sane, optometrist father. But things start to change when he gets involved with a married woman and kills someone. Jordan tells the story of the summer that changed her life. She talks about her hippie mom and her artist step-dad that run a bed and breakfast, her best friend Melissa and their job at a weight loss company ran by a Christian couple.

But the story is about Jordan and her quest to find who she is and realizes that she doesn't like being known as the daughter of the guy that killed someone. She is always talking about the advice that Big Mama gave her throughout her childhood. And while all this is going on, she struggles with the everyday drama of a teenage girl...does this boy really like me and how far should I take things with him?

Will Jordan find peace with herself and with her dad???

This book was kind of hard for me to get into. It wasn't like Wild Roses which I loved. However, the story did get better towards the end when it started to concentrate more on Jordan and her identity. Don't get me wrong, the story about her normal dad gone stalker was different and nice to read about, but I wanted more into Jordan's story and her young adult life.

I don't have much to say about this book because I wasn't wowed by it. I think I was more motivated to read the whole story because I wanted to know who Big Mama was. She was the one lady in the beginning of the book that made Jordan see clearly and I wanted to be introduced to her. So, if your looking for a quick read...pick this one up, but it probably isn't worth buying.

Favorite line...
What I'm saying I guess, Jordan, is, when you need help, there is always something to bring you home. Jackson page 314

My Rating:

Now go and grab your cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer) and HAPPY readings!!!

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