Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays (01/19/2011)

Wish List Wednesdays is hosted by Jenn-ay at My Tea Time is Book Time. It's a weekly feature and if you want to share, them feel free to leave a link to your list or leave it the comment box!!! I'm always looking for more books to add to my wish list (and all book lovers have one of those...right?).

Here are some of mine...

So, what's on your list???

***Now go and grab your fave cup of tea or because Mariah is our guest, grab her preference of a salted caramel hot chocolate OR peppermint hot chocolate (or whatever beverage your prefer) and HAPPY readings***


  1. The Hobbit was one of my favorite books in my early teens. I didn't expect to like it, and it kind of took over my mind.
    The Book of Lost Things is excellent, too, really well written.
    Even though I love Scott Westerfeld, the Midnighters series was just okay for me. I mean, the concept was really cool, and I did like how it evolved, but the writing wasn't up to the level I was used to for him, and it seemed sort of generic.

  2. Hi Misty!

    I'm not expecting to like The Hobbit, but I saw it on our Wild Things Goodreads bookshelf so I thought I would add it to my wishlist. And I've herad great things about The Book of Lost Things. As for the Midnighters series...I bought one of the later books in the series since it was super cheap. So I figured I should get the first one before I read it. *sigh*

    Thanks for stopping by : )