Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Finds at the Store (09/25/09)

Friday Finds at the Store is a meme hosted by Jennay at My Tea Time is Book Time. It is totally easy and everyone can join. Basically just post the books you found at the bookstore or library. Now others can see the great finds you had and maybe they will pick it up on their next bookstore/library run. HAPPY readings!!!

Here are my finds...

From the back cover of Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult

Charlotte and Sean O'Keefe would have asked for a healthy baby, if they'd been given the choice. Instead, they are consumed by sleepless nights, mounting bills, the pitying stares of "luckier" parents, and worst of all, the what-ifs. What if five-year-old Willow had been born healthy? But it's all worth it because she is smart as a whip, pretty as her mother, kind, brave, and an unexpectedly deep source of wisdom. Everything changes, though, after a series of events forces Charlotte and Dean to confront the most serous what-ifs of all. What if Charlotte should have known earlier of Willow's illness? What if things could have been different? What if their beloved Willow had never been born? To do Willow justice, Charlotte must ask herself these questions and one more. What constitutes a valuable life?

The description found on Goodreads

Nearing 30 and trapped in a dead-end secretarial job, Julie Powell resolved to reclaim her life by cooking, in the span of a single year, every one of the 524 recipes in Julia Child's legendary Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Her unexpected reward: not just a newfound respect for calves' livers and aspic, but a new life--lived with gusto.

From the back cover of If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson

Miah and Ellie are in love. From their first glance to their first words to each other to their first kiss, they could tell you exactly how it happened---in their hearts and in their souls. Theirs is a rare and special first love. But the people around them don't see their love. They can only see black and white: Miah is black, Ellie is white, and Jewish; and their love, no matter how real, is too strange and scary for the world they live in.
What did you find???

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  1. Julie and Julia sounds great, and I really want to see the movie.