Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review: Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants

Title: Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants
Author: Louise Rennison
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-06-009748-6/Harper Tempest
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult
My Rating: 4/5

Georgia Nicolson chose the Sex God (Robbie) over Dave the Laugh. Her red-bottomosity is now put to rest because she is now the girlfriend of a future pop-star that will tour around the world. Also, Dave the Laugh is dating her friend Ellen.

The problem is that the Sex God is never around and Dave the Laugh isn't all that interested in Ellen. Will Georgia end up being a pop-star widow or will she be the girl with a cosmic horn? Georgia's also concerned about Angus (the part Scottish wildcat that is the size of a Labrador) getting his trouser snake addendums snipped (neutered).

For the fourth time, I could not put this Rennison book down. The whole series has me wanting more. I absolutely love reading about Georgia's life through her diary. She is a teenage girl that goes through sooooo many embarrassing moments and it makes me laugh. Sometimes it reminds me of my teenage days, but most of the time...I'm too busy laughing at the situations Georgia goes through.

A few favorite parts from the book...
Libby is my favorite minor character. Especially when she sings...
Mary Had a Little Lard, Its Teats Was White Azno page 9
Georgia reading Lord of the Flies...
Lord of the Flies is so boring...and so weird. I always thought boys were very very strange, but I didn't think they would start eating each other. Bloody hell, I must make sure I never end up on an island with a bunch of boys! page 100
Again, I recommend this book (mostly to the females, but boys might also enjoy this humor), but only read this book in public if you don't mind others watching you laugh out loud!!!

Pick up your favorite cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer) & HAPPY readings!!!


  1. I will have to read this LOL! Love the quote! Great review.

  2. Hahahaha love the Lord of the Flies quote. I read this book so long ago, I barely remember it. Def will have to revisit them as an adult ;-D

  3. I've loved Georgia Nicholson since I began reading them in high school (eek! that was 6 years ago!). I was reading the first one on the bus home from school and got dirty looks from everyone because I couldn't contain the laughter.

    Then I fell down the steps as I was getting off because I was too weak with laughter and still reading.

  4. Krista: Go & get this'll love it!

    April: You'll still love Georiga...she's a crazy girl!

    Brittany: I understand the weird looks. I read this out at my golf course club house & people were giving me weird looks too!