Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review: Shrimp

Title: Shrimp
Author: Rachel Cohn
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-689-86613-5/Simon & Schuster (part of Simon and Schuster)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

***WARNING...This may contain spoilers because it is part of a series (and it is kind of hard to discuss this book without referring to the previous novels in the series)***

Cyd Charisse is back in San Francisco for her senior year. This time around she is totally looking forward to her partial attendance of school (Sid-Dad hooked her up with a work experience program) and she's also looking forward to getting back together with Shrimp (her true love).

Things aren't all that simple for CC because she is a teenager. Her little sister tries to doll nap Gingerbread, Sid-Dad learns about the abortion and is totally disappointed, Mom wants Cyd to go to college, and then...her favorite half-brother breaks up with his "true love."

Does true love really exist??? And is Shrimp Cyd's true love???

When I first started this book, I really wanted to know how Cyd Charisse's life would continue. And Shrimp was an awesome follow up to Gingerbread. I really liked how Cyd and Nancy came to a better understanding in their relationship. It wasn't perfect, but no mother/daughter relationship is. Also, this time around it was about Cyd and finding friends and not just boyfriends. She gets to learn that there are other relationships to life besides the physical type.

Again, Cohn deals with teenager topics that aren't usually in the books they read. Topics include lust, sex, oral sex, and the aftermath of abortion. The main character, Cyd Charisse is not your everyday girl in young adult fiction, but one that is unforgettable in her own ways. This is a great read to those who want to know what happens after Gingerbread and I can't wait to read the third and last book of the series.

Favorite quotes...
True loves may come and go in your lives, but your best friends, those are the people who will be with you throughout your lives, the ones who will stay with you. Sugar Pie, page 163

Life is funny, baby, and that's no joke. Sugar Pie, page 174

My Rating

***Now go and pick up your favorite cup of tea or because it's Rachel Cohn's fave: cappuccino (or whatever you prefer) along with a Rachel Cohn book and HAPPY readings!!!***


  1. I didn't realize when you posted this that it was by the "baked goods" lady, as I've come to think of her. I would never have guessed from the title or cover that it was a follow up to Gingerbread. Hmmm...
    I think April read this too, and I think she really liked it. Might have to look this one up, I feel out of the loop now. Of course, first I have to read Gingerbread...

  2. Glad to know you liked it. When I bought it I didn't know it was a sequel already, must read Gingerbread =)