Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dewey's 24 Read-a-Thon: Hours 11-12

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Okay, I just woke up from my nap a few minutes ago. I'm really glad that I checked the mini-challenges since the first one may help me wake up a bit more.

***Get Up and Move...
I did some workouts on the exercise ball that I've also been reading on throughout the challenge (look at the picture from my earlier Dewey posts). I did 50 crunches and 25 push-ups. Yay me!!!

***Soundtrack Song Mini-Challenge...
  • Book title: If You Come Softly
  • Soundtrack song: Fallin For You by Colbie Caillat
  • Why you chose that song: The beginning of the novel is about these two characters that literally crash into each other while walking through the school hallway. And that one meeting, they feel something for each other, but they don't even know each other's names. They have this instant connection and have the rest of the novel to figure out that they're falling for each other

***Where in the world are you reading?...
The map is tons of fun to look at. I did my little marker in the Philippines, but it seems as if no one is reading out of San Diego, CA yet. So we'll say I'm repping both : )

Hour 12 Questions...
1. What are you reading right now?
How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff
2. How many books have you read so far?
Only two
3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon?
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
4. Did you have to make any special arrangements to free up your whole day?
No, it helps that my family are all out of the country. So the house is all to myself and the maid went home for the day.
5. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those?
No interruptions.
6. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far?
When I did the post for "where are you reading from" I was the only one at the time in the Philippines reading. And no one in San Diego (my home town) put a pin up.
7. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?
I don't see any problems with the read-a-thon. I've enjoyed it in October and again right now.
8. What would you do differently, as a Reader or a Cheerleader, if you were to do this again next year?
I liked that I planned to read only short books. So I'll use this plan again for next year.
9. Are you getting tired yet?
I already took a two hour nap. So I'm good : )
10. Do you have any tips for other Readers or Cheerleaders, something you think is working well for you that others may not have discovered?
As a cheerleader, I'm hitting up five blogs during my breaks. It seems to work for me so I'm not too overwhelmed with visiting others and I can still work on my own blog.

Shut Up! I'm Reading
Flipping Pages for all Ages
Just Books
Sherrisue76's Bookcrossing Blog
Write for a Reader

Now time to start reading...
How I Live Now

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  1. 25 pushups and 50 crunches is awesome!! Thanks for participating!