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Review: The Bermudez Triangle

The Bermudez Triangle

Title: The Bermudez Triangle
Author: Maureen Johnson
ISBN/Publisher: 978-1-59514-033-3/Razor Bill
Age Group/(sub)Genre: Young Adult/LGBT

Nina, Mel, and Avery make up the triangle (and it's Bermudez because that's Nina's last name). They've been best friends since childhood and are separating for their summer before senior year. Nina was accepted into a summer program at Stanford University...all the way across the country. And the other two girls will be working in a new Irish restaurant in their Saratoga Springs hometown.

Over in California, Nina dislikes her weirdo roommate, but falls for the environmentalist, Steve. But over in New York, Mel and Avery also find a romantic relationship...with each other. Mel and Avery decide to keep their relationship a secret...1. No one knows that Mel is gay 2. Avery's not sure if she's gay 3. They're not sure how Nina will react to it all.

Well when Nina shows up, she is caught by surprise, but is supportive. However, she now feels like an outsider in the triangle. And the whole long distance relationship with Steve is a struggle. Will their triangle survive such changes during their final school year together???

The characters in this book are likable, even lovable. There were times when I got upset when bad things happened and extremely happy when the great things happened. But I wished that Nina was involved more, or maybe better developed. The title is Bermudez Triangle and I felt like she was left out way too much.

Well, you know how in almost every YA book, there's that one boy that the reader likes a lot. That is Parker, the boy that liked Mel and then Nina. I wish we got to know him better too. He seems like such a great guy and provided a whole lot of funny scenes, but the story revolved more around Mel and Avery. Which wasn't too bad. It was refreshing to read a story about a young lesbian girl that wasn't so stereotypical. And the relationships with their parents seemed realistic as well.

You should probably know that the story was easy to read and overall it was a great coming-of-age story involving friends and the changes that happen when high school graduation is close. (I know I experienced a lot of changes my senior year. Heck, it all changed after I came back from studying in D.C. for a month).

So if you want a quick read, then this one's for you. I would more likely recommend it to girls that are juniors in high school.

Favorite lines...
*Mel's description of her dad made me laugh...*
Underneath that rugged contractor's exterior beat the heart of a sixteen-year-old girl. page 221

My Rating
(This book was bought from a store called FullyBooked).

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