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Review: You Know Where to Find Me

You Know Where to Find Me

Title: You Know Where to Find Me
Author: Rachel Cohn
ISBN/Publisher: 978-0-689-87859-6/Simon & Schuster
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

Seventeen year old Miles is devastated when her 17 year old cousin/best friend kills herself. Now Miles feels even more alone than normal and falls deeper into her depression with drugs. Miles hates, but is afraid to talk about the fact that Laura left her behind and did so without even a goodbye. Miles is really hating life.

To top it off, her mom flies out to London to live with her bf, leaving Miles behind. Oh, and her best guy friend, whom she really likes starts dating a girl she would never think he would date (heck everyone is surprised with this new girl). The only one's left behind at home are Laura's dad and Miles' dad (he showed up for the summer). Except, Miles doesn't really like her dad since he is now a recovering alcoholic and now wants to be part of her life (is it too late?).

So who will come and find Miles to help her...or is it too late???

Wow, this is not a regular, fun Rachel Cohn book. This one really hits a dark side to teenage life...suicide and drug addiction. The book was good and Cohn even had some pretty descriptive scenes about drugs. From a person that never experienced them, it was interesting to read and even seemed authentic.

But, there were times when the writing just didn't flow well. Sometimes I had to re-read lines to understand what was being said. Then, there were the political rants about Washington D.C. and whether or not it should have representatives in office. Now as interesting as this topic is (I studied in D.C. for a summer, so I know), the rants seemed too long and sometimes unnecessary.

I would have to say the ending and the fact that Jim (Laura's dad) was an awesome character saved the book. There were some moments when I went, "awwww" but overall, I wish I held out for the paperback instead of buying the hardcover. So, if you want to read it...maybe just get it at the library or from a friend.

My Rating

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