Monday, April 5, 2010

Questions and Answers with author...Maria V. Snyder

Maria V. Snyder
(picture taken from Goodreads)

Maria V. Snyder is the author of the Glass series and Study series. Right now, she has a new book out called Inside Out and she was nice enough to do a Q&A with me.

Inside Out
is your new book; describe the book in two short sentences.
A dystopian, science fiction novel for ages 12 +. Action packed with lots of twist, turns, and surprises.
Inside is such a fascinating place. How did it come to you?
A dream! I dreamt the whole story, the world, the characters, the Pop Cops, and even the twists! When I woke up, I wrote it all down before I could forget it. I haven't ever done that before and haven't since - I wish I could remember what I ate for dinner that night ;)

Many books are now being adapted into movies and television shows. So out of curiosity…if you could pick the actors for Inside Out who would they be?

In order to answer this question, I would need to be up to date on movies and TV shows :) My kids watch TV and I've seen the show iCarly that is well written and funny. The girl who plays Sam, Jenette McCurdy has the toughness to play Trella - she would need to dye her hair brown, though :) Logan Lerman (of the Lightning Thief Movie) would work for Riley. I don't know who would be good to play Cog - he'd need to be about 20, muscular and loveable :) Sigourney Weaver would be good as Lieutenant Commander Karla Trava.
Some authors listen to music while they write…do you? And if you do, what’s on the Playlist?

I didn't. Before my dog passed away this past summer, I never listened to music when I wrote - it was too distracting. But after she died, the house was so quiet (she snored!). Inside Out was already written before I started listening to music, and I began with classical otherwise I would listen to the song and not get any writing done.
If you had to leave our world, but can live in any book (yours or someone else’s), which one would it be? And why?
I'd live in Ixia in Poison Study. I like the Commander's way of thinking. I don't mind wearing a uniform and I would strive to be an upper level official or advisor.
I find that many readers develop crushes while they read books. Do you have a crush on any book characters???
I had a crush on the main hero in the book Jaran by Kate Elliott. His name is Ilya.
Who are your favorite characters to read about from your own books and/or other authors?
I like to read and write about Valek from my Study series. Janco is another fun character and he is also in the Glass books. As for other authors, I've been enjoying the Morganville Vampire books by Rachel Caine - those four main characters are wonderfully fun.
If you can co-write with any other author…dead or alive…who would it be?
No one. I'm not really interested in co-writing. I like to have control of my world and characters :)

Are you working on any projects right now so we have something to look forward to?
I'm working on Outside In right now. It's the next book after Inside Out and it's coming out next January.
Any last thoughts to share with us?
I like to add that because the layout of Inside can be hard to imagine, I posted maps of all four levels of Inside on my website. Here's a link: I was hoping my publisher would print them in the book. But they are excited about the book and have created a website just for it: On the website is a personality quiz to see what type of scrub job you're suited for, and a video book trailer for the book.
Last question…You go to a Starbucks or Coffee Bean (or any coffee/tea serving place)…what do you order???
I usually order a mocha with whipped cream :) I am a big tea drinker, but I have all the cool tea stuff at home, so when I'm out, I find something I can't make at home.

Thank you so much to Maria for answering these questions. You guys should check out the sites she added to her answers...they are great to look out. And don't forget to check out her other books after reading Inside Out...I know I'm looking for her two series right now. I cannot wait for Outside In to come out!

***And if you read Inside Out...I'm also curious to find out who you would cast***

Now, Maria is offering a signed copy of Inside Out to my readers. Unfortunately, it is only open to U.S. & Canada residents. The contest will end on April 18, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. PST and is only open to followers (if you're not a follower, just click the button on the sidebar). Fill out this form and GOOD luck!!!

***Now go and grab your fave cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer) and HAPPY readings***


  1. Great interview!! Logan Lerman and Jennette McCurdy...omg they're awesome people. Hehe. I've yet to try out one of Maria's books, which I honestly can't wait to do. So I'll be entering!! :)

  2. I still need to watch the Lightening Thief *sigh* but he does seem like he would make a good Riley : )

  3. I love Sigourney Weaver. I don't know about the character in the book, but it would be awesome to get Sigourney for the part. lol

  4. wow amazing interview! I can't wait to read inside out it sounds cool! riley is like peeta and the other boy is like gale from hunger games lol just joking! Logan lerman is a great percy :D

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  6. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Great interview! mmm mocha. I am actually a tea driner as well :)

  8. Dystopian's great...and I love whipped cream! Cute interview!

  9. Thanks for the interview! Maria is my fav author! :D

  10. I can't wait to read Maria's new one!

    Speaking of fictional character crushes...Valek, he's definitely on my list.

  11. I'm glad to hear that this book has a sequel. As for Snyder's other books, I've read Poison Study and loved it!

    Great interview.

  12. Hmm, I missed this when you posted it. I am apparently unable to categorize, according to the Scrub quiz, and so am headed for Chomper...
    And I love both Valek and Janco!