Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: Emma

Title: Emma
Author: Jane Austen
Age Group/Genre: Classic
My Rating: 3/5

Emma Woodhouse is a beautiful, smart, and rich young lady living in England with her hypochondriac father. Emma takes credit for the marriage of her dear friend/ex-governess, Miss Taylor, and Mr. Weston. Now, Emma thinks she can play matchmaker, especially for her single friend, Harriet Smith. But Mr. Knightley tells her otherwise. As the novel progresses, Emma finds herself falling in love and others falling in love with her. However, she refuses to allow herself to even think of marriage. So what's the whole point of letting love come her way? Will she give in and will she succeed in her matchmaking???

This was my second Jane Austen book and I did enjoy this one more. I found the beginning a little slow for me, but then again it takes me a little bit to get into the classics (but once I'm into it, I'm into it). My favorite parts of the book were the conversations between Mr. Knightley and Emma. I'll probably put off another Austen book for a little bit, but I'll get to her other ones...I promise!

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