Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review: Go Ask Alice

Title: Go Ask Alice
Author: Anonymous
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult
My Rating: 3/5

Alice is your average teenage girl with parents and siblings. She is terrified that she is too fat and that boys won't like her. She's so excited to move to a different town when her dad is offered a new job, but is totally scared that she won't fit in. And she writes all her feelings down in her diary so we can understand her.

When they do move, she has a hard time making friends...even her younger siblings have friends and she's all alone. So, she spends the following summer back in her home town with her grandparents. She becomes slightly popular at a party where there is a game involving drugs in the drinks. Alice being a newbie to the drug scene gets hooked to the drugs and the friends that come with it.

She returns back home and finds the drug scene there as well. Alice spends the next year and a half addicted to them. As a result she runs away and returns home, but struggles to stay off the drugs. After being clean for awhile, she had a horrible incident with some hard core drug and ends up in a mental hospital. She has some amazing parents and siblings that stick with her, but can she really overcome the power of the drugs???

I read this book in eighth grade for the very fist time and thought it was great. But almost ten years later, I'm not so sure. The book is def. outdated, it took place in the 70s. And as I read it, some of the scenes just didn't seem all too realistic for me (maybe it's b/c I've never been involved with drugs).

This book is probably good to give to the younger high school students so they can read about some of the experiences. Alice really does a good job describing what happens during her drug days and the weird trips that she goes on.

HAPPY readings...but this book won't give you the happy feeling


  1. I remember this book I too read it many many years ago I think I was in the 9th grade. I thought it was so sad.

  2. I really enjoyed this book back when I read it... once was in eighth grade and the other I think was even before that. Interesting review!

  3. I love these kinds of books. Have u read CRANK by Ellen Hopkins, i think this book is by her but i don't know

  4. I know what book you're talking about and no I haven't read it. I see it all the time at the day I'll read it. Have you read it???