Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: Girls in Pants The Third Summer of the Sisterhood

Title: Girls in Pants The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
Author: Ann Brashares
ISBN/Publisher: 0-553-37593-8/Delacorte Press
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult

***WARNING...This may contain spoilers because it is part of a series (and it is kind of hard to discuss this book without referring to the previous novels in the series)***

This is the third book of The Sisterhood in the Traveling Pants series. The four girls: Tibby, Bee, Lena, and Carmen. They have been best friends forever and now they are spending their last summer together, well kind of together, before they head off to life after high school.

Carmen is so scared of change, she decided to stick closer to home and not go away for college. She doesn't like the idea of her mom moving on in life and her not being there. Carmen's mom is expecting a new baby and also moving out of the apartment where Carmen grew up. Now, we need to see if the Pants give Carma the strength to allow change and also strength to be a little bit less selfish.

Lena can't stand being around her home because her grandma is living with them and driving everyone nuts. So, she picks up a summer job and attends an art class, but her dad pulls her out since he thinks its not appropriate. Lena has to fund her own way through art school by drawing her family. And it's through her art that she might learn a little about her own family.

Bridget loves soccer again and goes off to coach at a camp in Pennsylvania, but she goes there not knowing who exactly will be there. The pants help Bee learn from her mistakes and to remind her that she can't always be up or down.

Oh and lastly, there's Tibby. Tibs, this summer tries to hide from everyone because she's scared of taking chances. She's scared of a boy loving her and scared that she didn't love her sister enough. Then, she gets stuck in the labor room with Carmen's mom. Will she find the strength in herself/in the pants to help or will she go away & hide???

I really do love the Sisterhood. This book was more of the coming-of-age since it's time to leave home and go to college. And this one was more of the girls and their family, except for Bridget.

The Sisterhood is a book most girls will relate to in one way or definitely pick this book up!!!

My Rating:
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  1. This sounds cute. Of course, I've heard a lot about the series, but never read it. Thanks for the review, I enjoyed it.

  2. It is a cute book...I really enjoy A. Brashares and her story about friendships. You should read it one day...they're fun & totally easy!!!